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Month: June, 2013

27/06/2013 – Day 145

The past 2weeks have passed rather uneventful. I made a new friend at life group. I bought a huge, extremely comfy, bean bag chair. Well, actually it’s not a bean bag chair it’s a Comfy Sack and it lives up to its name!

At Life group this week Natasha explained to me how cellphone contracts work in Dubai. So after almost 5months of minimum contact I’m finally back on the air! It’s great being able to talk to my SA friends again.

I’m watching more movies again. I love it, I don’t always take 2hours and watch a film. I take the time I have and start watching it, 20min at a time… I watched Mother Teresa’s story, very gripping, made it through Saving Private Ryan and then last night I did An Education. Time for a Disney movie! Dramas are a little over powering if you constantly watch them. In Bloem I had a TV in my room, I really miss that here, but my laptop fills in just fine. I just miss the bigger screen in my room.

Dubai’s metro is famous, because it is the longest driverless metro in the world. Other than that it can sometimes be pretty uncomfy, too many people and way to little seats. Even so, living in a country with a metro and taxis is fantastic. I don’t have a driver’s license, but still I’m never stranded anywhere. In SA I was always dependent on my mum or friends to drive me.

Mum’s on holiday at the moment, so the first semester is finally over. I guess there’s a lot more to say, but things that I would have written down a while back are becoming such a normal part of life that I feel I don’t have anything to report.


12/06/2013 – Day 130

I am officially a student! In the past week I decided what I want to study. For me it wasn’t a choice about what I want to do with my life, but rather a decision about how I’m going to reach my goal. I am pretty happy, I found the Open Universities of Australia. They seem fantastic! I get to major at a certain university and then I can pick all my electives from 20 different universities. I enrolled at Griffith university and I’m going to major in Marketing. Really excited.
Upon deciding that I’m going to study with them I got such a nauseating headache. I think a part of it can be contributed to sleep deprivation, but even so after I picked Griffith I felt sick. I got back into bed and slept a day away. Yesterday I finally enrolled, I knew I was going to, but I took some time to finalize it. I’m really excited about starting my studies, I’m very happy. The courses look interesting and I can’t wait to get back from Europe and start studying.
That’s right! Mum and I are planning a European holiday for the summer. This is a year with no winter for me. I left SA just before autumn and got into Dubai when the temperatures where what I was use to feeling on warm spring almost summer days.
I haven’t felt this lazily relaxed in months. The fact that I still needed to find a university was bothering me. Now that I’ve enrolled I feel like zoning out completely. First I thought of enrolling for a one month baking course and though I’ll still do that someday I guess what I really want for the next few days is to just do nothing and worry about nothing.
I had KFC yesterday. Yes, that happens to be an announcement. I haven’t had “real” KFC since I was 8years old. I’ve lived on Twisters, but KFC chicken and fries? Yesterday seemed like somewhat of a first for me. My opinion on KFC? Overrated and to oily. No fries will ever match up to Steers fries, but even so KFC fries aren’t worth it for me. I do however like their cheese cake and the Twister.
This week I polished off One Tree Hill. This was a good “companion”. I started watching it shortly after moving to Dubai. Now that I’m settled I’ve finished it. I think it’s a really decent series, it has a good story and though there may be some mistakes along the way, the overall story line is decent and carries you through. A good story is never predictable and this series kept surprising me. Now I’m looking for a replacement. Any suggestions?
A while back I made myself a new bag, a brown fake-leather bag, all hand-stitched. I used it, but it just wouldn’t measure up to my old denim bag, made from cut-offs. The leather bag started tearing and I rummaged through my material, found my denim bag. I trimmed it off and made it look pretty again. I guess I’m back to being the girl with the torn denim bag, the difference being that I know where I’m going to study…

08/06/2013 – Day 126 – “A day in my life”

I’m an early morning person, the days that I sleep until 8a.m. are rare. In the mornings I wake up get some coffee and grab a shower. I never leave a messy room behind and by 7a.m. I’m in the kitchen for breakfast. I love toast with tomato and onion topped with some yummy melted cheese. Early in the day I try to go for a walk, just get out of the apartment and see something other than our lovely white walls.

It’s starting to become almost too warm, but I head out while listening to an audio book. Usually I come back with groceries and start tidying the kitchen. By 9a.m. the house has been vacuumed and everything’s neat and tidy.

Now, days have a strange habit of filling themselves up. I can’t pinpoint to that which happens between 9 in the morning and lunch around 2p.m. The day vanishes after I spent some time online. Some days I go out, most days I stay in. Either way the hours fade away. I grab some lunch and usually I’m so tired or just sleepy from my day that I decide to take a short nap. I never realize how tired I am until I lay down.

Most evenings are spent in the gym. I enjoy exercising, it’s fun. I throw all my energy into my workout.

I guess you could say this is a day in my life, but it’s not. It’s an essay on my program. A day in my life never goes by without conversation. I talk to my mum, we spend time together; I talk to people. I can’t say when, but throughout my day I pray. I guess this is what I do every day, my habits and structure, but it’s not my life.


Sometimes we have to choose. We can carry on in a negative way, not change anything in our lives and complain about it daily. The other option is to accept some things. I could carry on being annoyed with some of the people in my life or I could do one of two things: I could cut these people out of my life and miss out on that which they offer or I could accept them for what they are, instead of discarding them for what they aren’t. I think accepting them is harder in the moment, but easier in the long run, whereas cutting them out is easy in the moment, but it still hurts or haunts us years later. Make a choice and stop complaining, if you choose to accept that person in your life stop being annoyed after every conversation. If you choose to cut them out do it and don’t look back. Don’t be negative with which ever choice you make. You are the common factor, change your attitude.

02/06/2013 – Day 120

It’s been a rather quiet week. I Skyped with a friend in Bloem, it was good to hear some old familiar voice. When you know somebody well, you can hear when they smile. I watched some really great movies, I love getting to know new old movies.

After finishing Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen I went on to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I don’t know if I’d have carried on with either of these books if I hadn’t known they were classics. The old English is sometimes tiring, but I enjoy the story and seem to be expanding my vocabulary. A year back I went to America. It was my first journey away from South Africa and at the time it seemed that it may be one of my only journeys. While there I went to Concord, saw the home of Little Woman and the tiny little desk at which it was written.  I can’t believe that a year later I’m walking through Dubai’s streets listening to the story and remembering the house in America. South Africa seems to be fading, but it will always be a part of me.

I miss seeing blue sky. Sure, there’s rarely a cloud in the air here, but the dust fills up the air that the sky always seems hazy. In Bloem I use to walk to Spar every day and I remember the green, really green trees against a bright blue sky with fluffy little white clouds. Some days when I look out my window I can hardly distinguish between where the ocean stops and the sky begins, the dust makes it hard to see the horizon.

It’s been four months since I left South Africa. Some days I feel like going back, back to familiarity, but then I remember that I chose to be here, that I actually do want to be here. I’m learning so much, my mind is being stretched. Dubai has become a little familiar in this short time; I can navigate myself pretty good.

Dubai makes me feel like I shouldn’t stay in our apartment all the time. The idea that I’m living in a big city with so much around me to see is amazing, but when I do go out I’m not always sure where to go. I realized a few days back that I never thought I MUST go out when I lived in Bloem, I could just chill at home. So I’ve been staying in some days, not because of culture shock, just because I actually enjoy being home. Some people see Dubai in 3days of less, I’m here for 3years, and I think I’ll see enough by just living here.

It’s true that the first 3months are the hardest. The last month hasn’t been easy, but it’s been better than the first 3months.