04/07/2013 – Day 152

I explored the Ibn Battuta mall. Didn’t spend much time there, but I definitely want to go back. It’s very beautiful, and I was very happy when I discovered a Woolworths clothing store there! Little bit of home… I also discovered decent cheese burgers at Wendy’s.

People who would have been exceptionally interesting to me a while back are becoming such a normal part of life that I don’t see how different they are then the people I’ve known throughout my life. The different accents, cultures and ways of doing… Strangely enough people still think I’m weird because I study online! Yeah, among all the craziness that’s what strikes them as strange?

Some of the Muslim girls seem so elegant. They have such a graceful walk about them with their black abayas just swaying around them. There’s something very beautiful about this culture.

The closer Ramadan is coming the more Muslim people walk over the strip of sand in front of my window to go and pray at the Mosque. It’s always just men walking to go and pray. I’m so glad that as a Christian I may pray to God, that the fact that I’m a girl doesn’t keep me from worshiping Him.

Every day the trip to Italy comes a little closer. I still have a ton of reading I want to do in preparation, but everyday seems to fill itself up.

The silhouette of a woman with a black abaya and black umbrella is something I can now distinguish, in the beginning I wasn’t sure exactly what I was seeing.