20/08/2013 – Day 199

by marietteferreira

After 5years of self-tutored home schooled high school I moved to Dubai. I helped my mum set up our home and then had 6months to rest for the first time in years I had months where I wasn’t avoiding my work, I literally didn’t have anything to do. I went from being overstressed to being entirely bored. In the beginning this seemed like heaven, I was able to sleep without my alarm waking me up, I could get back into bed when I was tired and I stayed up watching decent movies, but after a while the silence set in. I’m glad that I had time to chill, time to sleep and time to relax. I’m also glad that I didn’t get a job in this time, I didn’t have anybody expecting anything from me for a while that to was nice. Now the resting time is coming to an end, but I’m also very excited to start studying on Monday! After 6months I have 4days of holiday left.
I’m excited about studying; I guess I think it’s better to struggle with books than to go to waste in boredom. I will be double majoring with Marketing and Management. Really excited and happy about the double major part! Dubai seems to be the perfect place to study marketing. They have adverts here that make thousands of tourists come to visit Dubai. Maybe I’ll learn how they do that, although currently I think I only want to attract a few hundred people to my shop. Maybe my dream will change or grow or something.
This week, thanks to a friend, I discovered iHop. I could live on their buttermilk pancakes! It’s so good! I have so much I still want to learn to make in a kitchen! I can bake, but I want to learn to cook and I want to expand my baking horizon.
I’ve also swimming, since my feet hurt too much for excessive walking I’m staying off them but still going to be in shape! Yeah, so I march down, dressed all in pink 4times a week and enjoy the water and being outside isn’t that bad when you’re not liquidizing, it’s actually kind of nice to hear the birds and see the sky, even though it’s not blue, but this hazy dull brown colour because of all the dust that’s in the air.
Italy seems like a dream, as if I fell asleep, dreamt about a place and then woke up. It seems surreal that I went there. Traveling was always my dream, but I didn’t expect my dream to come true! So I was pretty surprised when it did. Makes me think of Pinocchio, he was also surprised when he was turned into a real boy and could walk after he had dreamed about it and wished for it. I guess this is why you should take pictures of yourself while you travel, so you can convince yourself it really happened and it wasn’t a dream.
Next week I will officially be writing this blog as a marketing student.