07/09/2013 – Day 217

I’m living in a city filled with opportunities and I’m so stuck on studying and sleeping that I haven’t even started exploring Dubai more thoroughly. I still want to go horse riding in the desert, I want to scuba dive and climb Hatta mountain. There’s so much to do, but on Thursday afternoons I close my book and laptop and then usually just get right into bed. Really want to start working on my sense of adventure.

I’ve started to drag my study stuff to McDonald’s sometimes, just to sit and learn between people instead of in a dead quiet and empty apartment. Sometimes, especially when I’m learning new stuff, I like silence, but when I’m going over previous stuff or reviewing something then I like some music on in the back.

I’ve started gaining time with my studies which is really good, it’s not enough yet. I’ve completed two chapters in one week, instead of one chapter per week. My first assignment is due on Thursday. I’ve written what I think is a decent paper, but I guess it could be better. I’ll see what my lecturer thinks!

I watched my first movie in months last night. I’ve been living on series more and last night I put on Legends of the Fall. Can anybody explain to me why they had to kill both girls? Not just Isabel? Goodness it seemed so unnecessary! Really good movie though I’m not a Brad Pitt fan.

Going out to the movies was something that I thought I’d enjoy more in Dubai. But they mostly only feature horror, action and some animation. So mostly I just download movies, going out is more a waste of money than a pleasure for me.

I really want to go scuba diving later this year. Think I should put it on my to do list! The only downer of my studies is that I get no official holidays. I’m in charge of my own time, so I can try to take a few days off sometimes, but technically it’s fulltime with one term ending on Friday and the next beginning on Monday.

The heat is starting to at least give the illusion that it’s leaving and that temperatures might actually drop below 40C for a change. Once the weather’s more civilized I want to go study in the park. I miss grass and trees and the color green around me more than I ever thought I would.

Truly I don’t have anything major to report. One of the good things about Dubai is that even when it’s craze hot outside its cool inside. Coming from South Africa I have to say this is a great blessing.

Time to Google scuba diving deals. Ciao.