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Month: February, 2014

Day 388

Right so let’s see, what’s been happening? Well, mum’s friend from South Africa came to visit. Brought us some licorice and other homey goods. The three of us went to a Muslim wedding, a “ladies wedding”. Yeah, that’s right, the bride and groom have separate male and female parties for the wedding. The music was so loud I ended up texting my mum when I wanted to say something. It was all really fancy and I got to wear my blue dress again. Really like that dress! All the important family people, the mother, aunts, etc. have seats by the door, like there’s the doors and then a row of seats on either side with a red carpet down the middle, after that are the tables for the guests and then at the front of the room is a stage with a couch where the bride is to come and sit down. The red carpet leads to a catwalk ramp and the ramp goes to the stage and the couch. Wow, a lot of rambling going on today.

We had juice, coffee, tea, chocolates and appetizers appeared on the tables. And then the bride looked exceptionally beautiful. The whole poofy dress going out from the waist and then a strain and all crystals and sparkles and really pretty, or well I guess the correct word would be beautiful. She walked really, really slowly. She took one or two steps and then the photographer’s assistant would fix her dress and a couple more pictures would be taken.

Finally the bride had made it over the red carpet, onto the catwalk and to the couch. Then everybody was to go walk on the catwalk, show of their fancy dresses and expensive shoes and congratulate her on getting married. It’s weird that she walks to a couch and not a man, that’s one thing I like about a western wedding; you’re walking towards someone, not something.

We walked up to congratulate her, I said she looked really pretty and she said she hopes for me to be in her same position someday. Pretty cool thing to have a bride say to you.

So, for this term I am not studying, I’m just going to “wing it” for the next three months. I have bought some business books to read.

Blog typing was interrupted for about an hour. I brought my laptop to the pub to type my blog, some way to get out of the house. And soon a curly haired man I’ve seen here many times came to shake my hand and ask to use my laptop in exchange for the use of my laptop to send some of his emails. He said he’d buy me a drink or a meal or anything on the menu if he could use my laptop. I’m pretty mellow, so I just ordered a drink and some fries – yummy. Btw it’s a British pub.

Right so I have some good links and YouTube videos lined up for me to watch and hopefully learn from.

I joined a gym, finally! There is a gym place in our building, but it’s all quiet and you exercise alone in silence, so I joined a gym started doing classes all that. When you sign up for this gym you get 3 free sessions with a personal trainer. My trainer’s name is Marty, like Rory Gilmore’s friend… He’s from the Philippines, pretty cool. I love exercising again and so happy that my feet can handle it!

So, when I moved to Dubai I pretty much thoroughly explored around our building. I saw this place next to my apartment with a green door, but it was closed in the morning, so I didn’t know what place it was… About a week ago I found out that it’s one of Dubai’s best pubs. I’ve been hanging out here a lot since discovering it. Decent prices, good food, friendly people. All good. I’ve taken a liking to one of the ciders, they don’t have vodka stuff here as far as I know.

Since coming to the pub I’ve noticed some locals, one of them includes a curly haired man, who, today, walked up to me and asked to use my laptop. And I guess that’s how you meet new people?

Today I went to the mall to buy new gym clothes? I pretty much just walked into Aeropostale and then went home. Apparently the Dubai Mall was built like 2 years  ago, so weird thinking there was a time it didn’t exist. It’s maybe not the best tourist destination, but it’s nice if you live here.

During the weekend we went to our friend, Jessica’s home. She and her husband invited a few people for a taco night. It was a first time for me to have tacos. There were really delicious I definitely want to learn to make them.

I turned 21, mum and I went for red velvet cheese cake at the cheesecake factory. Spent the day together,  was really nice. We were going to have dinner at the pub, but Scotland was playing rugby or soccer or something against Italy so the place was totally packed and we ended up having not that yummy ribs take-aways for dinner. It was a good birthday, I know it sounds mellow, but still it was nice.

I signed up for the church’s Getting Connected course, so I’m finally going to be a church member and gym member again; life feels almost normal.

I met a pretty cool man named Richard, he’s from Holland and knows a lot about business stuff that I might want to do “one day when I’m big” so he’s a good contact to have and a cool person to know. He’s not from Dubai, but he’s the one who told me about the pub and he’s in Dubai from time to time, so I’ll see him again. Nice old guy, interesting stories.

I’m reading Richard Branson’s book Like a Virgin. I also bought Losing my Virginity and I already own Screw it, Let’s do It. The man writes really cool stuff in those crazily titled books. I actually enjoy reading what he writes.

Nothing else to report comes to mind so I guess I’m done.


Day 368


It’s been one year since moving to Dubai. To celebrate this I went to the Cheese Cake Factory to claim my voucher of 1 free slice of red-velvet cheese cake and ordered a coffee. Every thing came with extra cream. I love Italian portion sizes, the American portions are huge and the Cheese cake Factory is American meaning that a regular coffee was a huge glass (15cm tall) of coffee topped with a ton of cream. It was really delicious, though. I spent 90min trying to consume all of it but in the end i just couldn’t finish that piece of cake, apparently even a piece of cake is not easy 😛

I bough a Lucky Bamboo, hope to keep it alive, they’re really pretty! There was a fire in our building, in the getting out of the apartment part I didn’t grab my shoes. Amazingly enough in the sea of people waiting outside the building I found a Korean family who we know, the little girl, Hannah, who is 3years old and both parents stared at my bare feet! I grabbed my passport and cellphone and left the apartment asap. About 30min later we were able to go back to our apartment, apparently somebody had thrown away a burning cigarette and so the trash caught fire. Was kind of weird walking out into the hallway and smelling smoke.

One of Mum’s friends are in Dubai for work stuff and she bought us a box of home stuff. All sorts sweeties, dish cloths, presstick, things you can’t buy here. I miss licorice. And some blonding spray for me, since most girls in Dubai have brown or black hair it’s hard to find anything for blond hair here.

I’ve started reading Richard Branson’s new book, Like a Virgin. I wish he would stop giving his books such weird titles, when I sit down in public to read about doing business like the virgin company people look at me as if I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Despite the cover and the title it’s a very good book. Makes me wonder if I should study business at all, here is a man who didn’t finish high school and ended up with a multi-billion, multi-national business and to islands to play on, does school pay that well?

I read somewhere that hula hooping is great exercise, so I bought hula and downloaded a YouTube video. It’s a lot harder than it looks!