Day 530

I finished the book of The Phantom of the Opera, the Third Narnia – The Horse and His boy, the fourth Narnia – Prince Caspian. Currently busy with Les Misérables. After that I’m moving on to David Copperfield. I did finish the new musical version of Les Misérables. I’m really surprised at Anne Hathaway’s voice.

I was fascinated by the book about The Phantom. I’m exercising very hard at the gym. Hope it starts paying off soon. I trimmed down my stair climbing time from 30min to 20min pretty proud of me that I’m getting fitter. I restarted eating butter. Read an article in Time Magazine that said it’s actually healthy. I also started counting calories. It’s really easy with all the apps. I got a new cell phone, upgraded my old Blackberry to an HTC with a decent camera. Also eating ice cream pretty much every day, as long as I stay within calorie limits, woohoo.

I started studying TEFL at the University of Toronto. My business degree at The Open Universities of Australia is restarting in September and I’m going to combine it with some Liberal Arts electives. I’m kinda excited about that. Not studying only business subjects is fun. The business stuff starts after the TEFL thank goodness. I’m hoping to study my statistics subject at a university in Dubai.

I resigned at the bakery. It felt sad leaving. Studying is just getting too much.

I also made it through the Daniel Day Lewis film of My Left Foot, pretty decent film. I’m watching Gilmore Girls – AGAIN. I’ve watched the entire series all 7 seasons to many times to count. Now started again – it’s brilliant. The Railway Man and Lincoln are both films I still want to see, I downloaded them and haven’t gotten any further.

With the amount of grammar errors and not very good writing or flow in this blog entry I can’t believe I’m studying English and reading a lot of decent novels. Hopefully that will come through in my next entry.

I’m sometimes so surprised at the view some people have of the world. I read some things that people had to say about the Bible and it doesn’t seem like just a different perspective, it seems that they’ve read an entirely different Bible than me.

I discovered Jonathan and Charlotte (Google them). They’re high school kids who walked onto Britain’s Got Talent and did an opera duo. I also can’t stop watching Attraction Shadow Theatre Group (Google it). Both are on YouTube and take my breath away every single time. Also really impressed with Collabro, they’re a boy band who are doing Les Misérables songs, can’t wait for their album to come out

The music from Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables is playing in my mind constantly. I found a cheap brand of Vodka so I’m experimenting with all vodka style drinks.

The Wi-Fi was off for 72-hours. My whole life entirely froze. Everything I do these days includes Wi-Fi. Due to this I spent more time in the mall and ended up finding Pop-Tarts. Can’t believe it took me 18months to find them! Since they contain “gelatine” they are stacked in the Pork Section of the shop, since this is a Muslim country.

I donated some clothes to charity, got a haircut and bought some flowery smelling body lotion. That’s it.