Day 620 – Miscellaneous

Not sure if I truly have anything new to tell. I restarted my studies. Still pursuing business, but this term I enrolled in a course on Archaeology and the History of Ancient Israel. Studies have shown that business majors with a knowledge of liberal arts are better suited for jobs. Studying in one direction limits your knowledge.

Getting to know the history is amazing and so interesting. Learning that while David was king over Israel the Iliad was written by Homer and people where still praying to Zeus. Round about the time Solomon was king the Olympic Games started for the first time. Just putting all the puzzle pieces together makes a fascinating picture.

I finished Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and immediately picked up The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Brilliant author. I love audio books. I followed the story of Jean Valjean while I was at the gym, got to know Cosette on my way to the store and fell in love with Marius while doing the dishes. *haha*

I listen to Joel Osteen every night. His sermons are only 30min long, so it’s convenient. I really love hearing what he has to say. It’s not fluffy, it’s truly the word of God, according to me. I’ve learned so much from him.

I skyped with an old friend in Denmark. I love technology. Called my friend in South Africa and talked for about an hour and then I wrote a letter to a third friend, but when I got to the post office at 2 o’clock they were already closed. It’s nice staying in touch with people.

I started this new low carb diet. Really yummy. Lots of veggies. I have so much more energy! It’s amazing I don’t feel like sleeping constantly. My feet don’t hurt anymore and my back pain is also getting much better.

I went shopping and now own neon green sneakers! I found a red colored Labello lip ice that’s pretty. I tried to download a dictionary. I decided to buy a dictionary after I typed in “download dictionary” google supplied me with the definition of “download”.

It’s Halloween in the rest of the world, I hate this time of the year. I hate the decorations in the shops and everything. Dressing up in a cute outfit and being someone else for the night, that’s fine. Putting gross decorations in shop windows, not cool.

We get a cleaner for the apartment about once a month, the rest of the time I keep it pretty clean. I called the cleaning company and requested a cleaner for this week. “I have no girl cleaner left, maaaa’aaaam. Only boy cleaner.” So, tomorrow for the first time ever a guy will be cleaning my apartment. I don’t believe in gender defined jobs, but I have never had a boy mopping my floors. Hope he’s friendly!

I broke my Lion King London coffee mug. I bought it the night me and mum went to see Lion King on stage in London.