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Month: March, 2016

Cheese – starting

I recently decided to start exploring the world of cheese. As wine is expensive in Dubai I decided to not include it in this experiment. I read that some combine tea and cheese, so I think I’ll be trying that from time to time. This will be an on-going trend in my blogs.

I’m only eating baked Camembert cheese and Goat cheese this week. The hard goat cheese goes really well with spinach. I also tried Rambol cheese – probably one of the best things I’ve ever put into my mouth, including French food.

I also bought some very salty sheep’s cheese. Not sure how to use it just yet.


Dubai to do part 3

  1. Lan Kwai Fong next to Lamcy Plaza has the best Peking duck in the city.

There are little notes all around the restaurant stating that they have the best Peking duck in the UAE. Not sure how they determine that, but having never eaten duck I didn’t think I’d be able to know the difference. The Peking duck ended up being a whole or half duck which was way too much for one person, so I ordered some other duck dish and had duck for the first time ever. Not bad.


  1. Noodle Bowl on 2ndDecember Street

My feet decides to retaliate today after I almost over used them for the past two weeks. I looked on the list for something small and easy. A taxi dropped me right in front of the entrance and I found the place. A collection of Eastern deities are present, including a bikini wearing Buddha. I had never had Szechuan Chicken before, it’s very good.

I walked through the centre and saw that a beauty salon had a mani-pedi combo offer and got my nails done. Not a good idea as it later transpired, but they look nice thought. As I walked out a taxi pulled over to drop a client and I hopped in and headed home. Perfect plan for hurting feet.


  1. Shop at Al Safa Park’s flea huge market held on the first Saturday of every month.

This market has since moved to Zabeel park and I only found this out when I arrived at Safa park…

The market sells primarily second hand clothing. It fills up mostly with workers trying to buy second hand pretty stuff. There are worn out shoes sold for Dhs. 5 and discarded ball gowns, junk and treasure mix and it’s impossible to distinguish them sometimes.

I bought a few tops, none of which fit in the end.

I did however find an Indian woman selling what she said was handmade clutch purses made from pure silk. They where so beautiful that I bought one and I think I might actually return just for that stall, if I can find it again!