Cooking crab

I went to the fish market yesterday with mum  and bought 1kg of blue crabs. I went to wait for the crab to be cleaned and mum was still looking around. The fisherman told her “you wait, mamma” and ushered her to the bench where I was sitting.

Today I followed Jamie’s recipe on how to cook and pick crab. This took me 3 hours. I spent the first hour relaxing infront of the tv checking the water waiting for it to boil and then waiting for the crabs to cool down.

Then I sat down and started with my lobster cracker, crab pick and crab scissors. It took me  the better part of 3 horus to get all the meet out. I hurt myself a few times as I was trying to tear off the claws and legs, blue crabs have thorns like roses do.

It was fasinating though. I have only ever seen the canned crab meet in the store. Never bought it though. But the process of buying, cooking and shelling something was very different from buying a can of some shredded white meet.

In the end I tasted the fresh crab meet and the canned crab meet I had bought and there was no difference. I couldn’t believe this, so next time I will be using store bought crab meet and saving myself the crab picking, but I’ll never regret today and all that I learned.

Dinner was Jamie’s Old fashioned potted crab. I tried a few bites, eating it with nothing else. It’s good, but has a really strong flavour. Stronger than I expected. It tastes very fishy.

Working with crab has done one good thing though, I no longer fear working with lobster. I’ve worked with claws and eyes and weirdness and I was fine. I think sometimes we run from the unfamiliar and it’s not even that scary.