pre-camino life

by marietteferreira

And, so each day starts to find its own rhythm.

I am not studying this term, I have a few weeks off and then I’ll be going to hike the Camino de Santiago. Over the passed 6 months I have been cat watching, dog walking and babysitting. Each time earning just enough money to purchase one more item for the Camino until I finally have the backpack, extension cords, dri-fit shirts, hiking pants, quick dry underwear, Scrubba and all the other little things that currently seem like necessities. I’ll see which of it survives the hike – I’ve heard of people leaving things behind on the way.

While I am still in RAK I can’t say I have “nothing to do”. I have started training for the Camino, going down to the beach every morning for an hour long walk. I found a lovely low-carb-keto pancake recipe, so I come home and have a delicious breakfast with salami and cream cheese and hummus and whatever else I find. Then the day is still not scorching outside, and I go for a ride with my bicycle. I usually go to Spinneys to buy food or to the cellar to buy an unnecessary bottle of something; all I truly want to do is cycle – I don’t mind where I’m headed or what I buy usually.

I have things to sort out before the Camino – e.g. applying for a job, so each day I sit down and attempt to handle a few of the things that should be done before the Camino.

I am also back at the gym, can’t really explain why I ever stopped, but I’m back now. I found a nice, short 20-minute workout and whenever I can I go down and try to ensure that I have a strong body which is able to handle the trials of the trail.

I have met a new human, a guy from Germany, who I sometimes chill with. It’s nice to meet new people.  I also chit-chat with a South African bloke and a guy from Lebanon at the gym occasionally.

Just staying alive, eating good, cleaning, exercising it all takes time and energy and it’s odd to think that this is just one part of life. During the times I’m studying I am busy with a lot more than now and somehow it all still gets done.

My plane leaves 3 weeks from now and I am more excited than I have been in a while. After my hike I’ll be back here with a full study load finishing this part of this chapter of live.

A new lasagne recipe has been discovered, it takes 35 minutes, so I get to fall back in love with lasagne. Jamie Oliver’s lasagne takes 4 hours if made from scratch with fresh pasta. I have made this occasionally when I wanted to spend half the day doing mindless enjoyable work, but it’s too much time for a regular meal.